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Alzheimer’s Association of Helsinki

The Alzheimer’s Association of Helsinki was founded in 1986 and is a member of the nationwide Alzheimer Society of Finland.
The association has its permanent premises in Ruskeasuo and it organizes activities at various locations in Helsinki as well. The Board of the Association along with the annual members’ meeting steer the operations of the Association.

Activities of the Helsinki Alzheimer Association aim to:

  • Develop new and improve current services available to those suffering from memory disorders as well as to the relatives and close ones of those affected by the illnesses
  • Provide information and look after the rights of both those suffering from the illnesses as well as their relatives
  • Give guidance on memory disorders and take part in preventative work

Becoming a member of the Association

There are two types of memberships available:

  • Regular membership available to private persons
  • Support membership available to organizations/groups/corporations

Membership benefits:

  • All members will receive the quarterly publications of the Helsinki Alzheimer Association (“Synapsi” magazine) as well as that of the Alzheimer Society of Finland (“Muisti” magazine).
  • Members are warmly welcome to join the various events and functions organized by the Alzheimer’s Association of Helsinki.

Join – be a member

Day Care Centre

The Day Care Centre is aimed for those suffering from memory disorders. Applications are handled by the local social services.  You may also enquire at the Association the possibility of obtaining one of the limited numbers of self-financed short-term care places. The Day Care Centre operates also on Saturdays.

Group activities

The Association premises host a number of groups for those suffering from memory disorders (including those of working-age population) as well as to their families and caregivers. For more detailed information on the group activities please consult the office of the Association or the leaders of the different groups.


Information and guidance on memory disorders is  provided by a specialized counsellor at the Alzheimer’s Association of Helsinki (tel. 040 902 2250).


Muistiluotsi is an Expert and Support Centres’ Network. The network aims to strengthen volunteer work and co-operation in the dementia work and to improve and expand the services for people with dementia.

Helsingin Muistiluotsi offers Body and Brain exercise groups for people with early stage dementia. There are several studies showing the significance of regular physical activity for memory patients.  It may delay the progression of cognitive decline and reduce the risk of falling by maintaining balance and co-ordination skills. Regular exercise may also prevent depression, anxiety and sleeping problems as well.

Volunteer work is a part of the Muistiluotsi programme. Our great volunteers are important and invaluable part of the daily functions. There are several different options of volunteer work to choose from:

  • helping in the Day Care Center
  • assisting in differents events, excursions and exercise groups
  • keeping company to a person suffering from memory disease (MuistiKaVeRi)
  • and more…


We are happy to welcome any donations made to the Alzheimer’s Association of Helsinki by private persons or organizations. You can get more information on donating and on everything else by contacting:

Alzheimer’s Association of Helsinki
Tenholantie 10, 00280 Helsinki
tel. +358 9 454 2750
Donation account: FI70 8000 1301 4057 27 DABAFIHH